22 December 2023

A Shared Database

From November 22nd to November 24th, 2023, representatives from Life Conceptu Maris partners and members of the Advisory Board gathered at the ISPRA headquarters in Rome to discuss further improvements…
3 October 2023

Deep blue 2023 – The winning shots!

Our jury has decided the winners of the photo contest "Deep blue: whales, dolphins and turtles in the open sea", linked to the LIFE Conceptu Maris project, 2023 edition.
18 September 2023

A special summer for cetaceans and sea turtles

The scientists of the LIFE Conceptu Maris project, with the help of volunteers, collected a lot of data on the species present in the Mediterranean, between June and August 2023…
15 July 2023

The 2023 LIFE Conceptu Maris photo contest kicks off

Until midnight on September 24th, those who photograph the beauty of our sea can participate in the second edition of “Deep blue" photo contest...
6 July 2023

New applications for citizen science

In the last ten years we have witnessed the diffusion of increasingly refined smartphone applications for doing citizen science activities. The aim is certainly to involve enthusiasts, but also people…
26 May 2023

Videos and training

In the "Media" section, some interesting interactive videos are now available, made in four languages by the CIMA Foundation, the International Center for Environmental Monitoring, to explain which species of…
13 April 2023

Meeting in Spain

European researchers take stock on monitoring of cetaceans. The sessions of the 34th conference of the ECS, the European Cetacean Society, begin on Monday 17th April in Galicia, in the North…
31 March 2023

A survey against collision

Reducing the risk of cetaceans and turtles collisions with ships. One of the objectives of the Conceptu Maris project is to propose effective solutions to improve the conservation status of…
25 January 2023

Get on board with the researchers!

Conceptu Maris' citizen science campaign has officially begun, an important activity that will already allow nature-loving citizens to make a concrete contribution to the protection and conservation of cetaceans and…
14 December 2022

A “common” language

The first protocol on how to collect and interpet data has been developed by researchers In recent weeks, the researchers participating in LIFE Conceptu Maris have reached an important step…