Useful apps

Marine Ranger

It is the application of LIFE Delfi, a project that aims to limit harmful interactions between dolphins and fishermen. Marine Ranger, created by the Blue World Institute, presents detailed cards with distribution maps of all the species of marine mammals that can be encountered in the Mediterranean, including the rarest ones (for example, the monk seal and the humpback whale) and allows anyone to report the sighting of an animal, also uploading photos, videos and a brief description. It is also possible to view the sightings collected by other beacons, also in the tabs dedicated to the single species or directly on the map.


It is an app aimed at those who go to sea that allows you to report, through geolocation, the presence of “marine litter” (marine waste in general, such as plastics, nets and missing fishing gear). This issue is receiving increasing attention from various research groups, including that of Conceptu Maris, because waste tends to concentrate in specific areas where it can cause serious damage to marine ecosystems. Fish, cetaceans, sea turtles, seabirds can, in fact, confuse the marine litter with food and accidentally ingest it or get entangled in fishing gear. Identifying the points where this waste is concentrated is therefore important for defining new conservation strategies for the marine environment. The Sea Watcher application is developed by the INFO/RAC Information and Communication Centre, which is also involved in the design and implementation of a common environmental data infrastructure and information network services among the coastal states of the Mediterranean.