Reduce the risk of cetaceans and turtles colliding with ships

Ph: CIMA Foundation

One of the objectives of the Conceptu Maris project is to propose effective solutions to improve the conservation status of the Mediterranean giants. An urgent and noble mission to which all users of the sea, not just researchers, can now give a great boost. For solutions to be truly effective, in fact, they must arise from proposals shared by the greatest number of people.

For this reason, CIMA Foundation have developed a questionnaire that will help us understand what the perception is, by the various stakeholders, of the risk of collision for cetaceans and turtles present in the Mediterranean. The questionnaire is the basic tool thanks to which we will be able to identify and evaluate effective solutions for the mitigation of the impact of collisions.

We need the experience and opinions of anyone who is somehow connected to the sea, whether they live it for pleasure or for work.

Fill out now the questionnaire and give your contribution to the conservation of the giants of the Mediterranean!


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