In this section, some brief educational videos dedicated to the LIFE Conceptu Maris project, produced by Triton Research, are presented.
The clips were created to be uploaded directly to Instagram and Facebook (and not as links to the videos on YouTube), but the complete archive is available here. The views on YouTube are not the actual numbers, as they do not account for the views from social media, which constitute the vast majority.
The ECS, European Cetacean Society, videos are used for conferences and technical project meetings

Documentary 1. In defense of the giants of the Mediterranean Sea
Clip 7. Cetacean and sea turtle sightings of 2022-2023

Video ECS, 35th European Cetacean Society Conference, The information chain
Clip 6. Meeting pilot whales
Clip 5. A sea with less plastic
Clip 4. Traces of DNA in the sea
Clip 3. From the command bridge
Clip 2. Board the ferries to conduct observations on cetaceans and turtles
Clip 1. The Challenges of Conceptu Maris to Save Mediterranean Cetaceans and Turtles
Video ECS, 34th European Cetacean Society Conference, The floating lab
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