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The 2024 LIFE Conceptu Maris photo contest kicks off

The “Deep blue” photo contest by LIFE Conceptu Maris is back, which in the previous editions of 2022 and 2023 has already rewarded a collection of excellent images.

“Deep blue” is aimed at those who venture into the open sea and have the opportunity to meet and photograph the giants of the sea, namely whales and sperm whales, but also dolphins and fascinating sea turtles.
In the 2023 edition, the splendid shot by Spanish biologist Aixa Morata took the top step of the podium, managing to capture a pilot whale in a vertical position intent on spyhopping, a particular behaviour, not at all easy to observe in the Mediterranean .

You have until September 22, 2024 to send images for the third edition of the photography competition. You can find the regulations at the following link.

Pilot whale spyhopping, by Aixa Morata.