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Science done by citizens

Citizen science is the set of practices that involve citizens in the collection, analysis and interpretation of data and therefore in the construction of scientific knowledge, and will also play an important role in Conceptu Maris. In the coming months, in fact, the biologists of the Capo Carbonara Marine Protected Area will have the task of drawing up the guidelines to define the operating procedures with which citizens will be trained.

In the first instance, information material will be produced on the monitoring and organization of work on board, which will be sent to the volunteers and made available online.

Subsequently, based on the number and attitude demonstrated, the volunteers will be selected and the boarding calendar will be organized. Citizens will thus be able to get on board with biologists and researchers to carry out field work, learning to identify the different species of cetaceans and turtles present in the Mediterranean and the various threats to which they are subjected, contributing to the collection of data and becoming, to all effects, active and fundamental collaborators of scientific activity.

Content edited by Triton Research in collaboration with Protected sea area “Capo Carbonara”
Photo: Canva’s archive